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I Heart Bikes Individual Routes

I Heart Bikes City Routes

I Heart Bikes Beginner’s Route: EASY

Beginner’s Route: EASY

The beginner’s route makes the perfect trip for those looking to enjoy a leisurely ride through the quaint South End of Halifax and into Point Pleasant Park with out the hustle and bustle of Downtown traffic. This ride is also great for families and those needing some extra time to gain for confidence on a bicycle. 

NOTE: Please watch for the railway tracks on the path through the Port of Halifax. Wheels can get caught in track if you do not cross them perpendicular. 

LENGTH: ~ 7 km

TIME: 1 hr

I Heart Bikes Essential Halifax: EASY to MEDIUM

Essential Halifax: EASY to MEDIUM

This loop of Halifax is designed to take you around the entire peninsula. Being dubbed as the "Essential Halifax" you'll see and experience a little bit of everything including the historic South End, Point Pleasant Park, Saint Mary's University, Dalhousie University, and then down to the eclectic North End of Halifax to experience cool cafes and restaurants.

After a quick tour around the Hydrostone market, the loop will take you back through the Halifax Commons, over Citadel Hill, and into downtown Halifax and the Argyle Entertainment District ending with a smooth ride along the Halifax waterfront.

LENGTH: ~ 15 km

TIME: 2 to 4 hrs *depending on stops*

I Heart Bikes Dartmouth Excursion: MEDIUM

Dartmouth Excursion: MEDIUM

Start your adventure with a bike ride along the Halifax Waterfront and then board the Ferry to Dartmouth for magnificent views of the Halifax Harbour. Be sure to stop at Two if by Sea for a latte and croissant (trust us you won’t forget it) before continuing up along the Banook lake trails.

* BRIDGE UPDATE * Starting on March 1st, 2015 the MacDonald Bridge will undergo construction. As a result the pedestrian and bikeway will be closed. A shuttle will be available for those still wishing to cross the bridge.

LENGTH: ~ 15 km

TIME: 2 to 3 hrs

I Heart Bikes Halifax Greenway: EASY

Halifax Greenway: EASY

Capture both sides of the Halifax Harbour with this relaxing coastal route. You’ll make your way along the Halifax Waterfront first and then catch the ferry to Dartmouth. Once you arrive follow the trail along the coastline--the views of Halifax from Dartmouth are worth it. Return via the Woodside Ferry or turn around and take the trail back to the main ferry terminal. This bike route is perfect for capturing the Fall foliage during the months of September and October without going too far.

LENGTH: 8 km

TIME: 1 hr

I Heart Bikes Titanic Cemetary: MEDIUM

Titanic Cemetary: MEDIUM

Looking to see the grave sites of those recovered from the Titanic? This route will take you to Fairview Cemetery on the outskirts of Peninsular Halifax.

Skill Level - This route will take you through peninsular Halifax and onto the new bike lane, located on Windsor Street, all the way to Fairview Cemetery. Although a portion of the route is in a bike lane, riders should be comfortable cycling on city streets.

LENGTH: 14 km round trip

TIME: 2 hrs

I Heart Bikes Starting From Halifax

I Heart Bikes Sambro Loop / Crystal Crescent Beach: EXPERIENCED

Sambro Loop / Crystal Crescent Beach: EXPERIENCED

This route is perfect for the bike enthusiast looking to get a good amount of exercise while taking in scenery and nature along the way. About half way through the loop, a stop into Crystal Crescent beach is recommended for a quick dip into the ocean. This route also passes by the Terence Bay Wildlife Park.

LENGTH: 52 km

SKILL LEVEL: Experienced; due to narrow roads and traffic

TOTAL ELEVATION: 133 457 ft total climb

TYPE OF BIKE: Road or high performance hybrid

I Heart Bikes Atlantic View Rails to Trail / Lawrencetown Beach: EASY to MEDIUM

Atlantic View Rails to Trail / Lawrencetown Beach: EASY to MEDIUM

* Tip: Pack a picnic and stop along the trail or at Lawrence Town Beach for a break. *

The Salt Marsh Trail described here is how we refer to a series of three trails. The first being the Shearwater Flyer, the second the Salt Marsh Trail, and the third the Atlantic View Trail. This collection of trails will take you directly to Lawrencetown beach with no need to stop and look at a map once you are on the trail making for simple, easy and enjoyable riding. Plus the scenery along the way provides ample opportunity for photos, bird watching, and more.

This trail can easily be done in 4 hours without a break reaching Lawrencetown Beach and back. For those looking to explore the area more, the trail continues at the far end of the Lawrencetown beach.

This route is labeled as EASY to MEDIUM as riders must ride on industrial streets before reaching the trail. 

LENGTH: ~ 25 km each way

TIME: 4 hrs

I Heart Bikes BLT Rails to Trails / Queens Land Beach: EASY to MEDIUM

BLT Rails to Trails / Queens Land Beach: EASY to MEDIUM

This trail know as the "BLT" (Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea) is constructed out of an old rail bed making for a very flat riding surface without the hassle of motor traffic.

Depending on where you start your trip you may need to ride along urban traffic until reaching Joseph Howe Drive where the trail starts (marked as a point of interest). Most riders make an afternoon or day trip by taking the trail out to the head of St. Margaret's Bay and stopping at the Local Bike and Bean Coffee Shop before continuing along the trail to the head of St. Margaret's Bay before turning back to Halifax.

Queensland is a popular, supervised beach at the far end of the head of St. Margaret's Bay; a good destination for cyclists looking to make this a trip a full day destination.

More adventurous riders can continue down the trail if the wish as this trail continues out to Chester and Mahone Bay.

LENGTH: 30+ km each way

TIME: 1/2 day to Bike & Bean and back (approx 4 hours) / Full day (approx. 6 hours) to Queensland beach and back

I Heart Bikes Peggy's Cove: EXPERIENCED


Normally done in a clockwise fashion this route will take you through real Fisherman's communities including the infamous village of Peggy's Cove, most famous for its' lighthouse. Peggy's Cove is equipped most visitor amenities including a visitor's information centre (see points of interest for hours of operation and contact info), numerous museums, art galleries, and shops.

Recommended for experienced riders due to the narrow shoulders and heavy traffic along the route.

LENGTH: ~ 100 km


TYPE OF BIKE: High Performance Hybrid or Road Bike

I Heart Bikes Local Watering Holes

Local Watering Holes

Looking for a quick dip? This map will give you a few different options both close to and an adventure's length for some popular swimming destinations enabling you to custom create your route.

Destinations Include:

  1. Chocolate Lake (~ 30 minutes; 1 way)
  2. William's Lake (~45 minutes; 1 way)
  3. Tea Lake (Purcell's Pond) (~1 hour; 1 way)
  4. Crystal Crescent (~2 hours; 1 way)

I Heart Bikes Distance Trips

Cycle Nova Scotia Routes

Nova Scotia is a cyclist’s dream providing ample opportunity for multi-day cycling trips.  If you are looking to explore areas outside Halifax “Cycle Nova Scotia” has detailed bicycling maps and resources for planning your trip(s) the following areas:

  • Cabot Trail
  • Yarmouth - St. Mary’s Bay
  • Blomidon - Gaspereau
  • Hubbards - Lahave
  • Pictou - Pugwash

Visit their website here.

I Heart Bikes Bicycle NS Book Link

Bicycle NS Book Link

You can also download a copy of “Nova Scotia by Bicycle” the go to resource for cycling in Nova Scotia.

Bicycle NS Book Link


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